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Why Marriage?

Marriage has benefits for women, men, children, and communities.  The following are just a few.

For Women

1.    More satisfying relationship/Best relationship to express sexuality
2.    Emotionally healthier
3.    Wealthier
4.    Less likely to be victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or other violent crimes
5.    Less likely to attempt or commit suicide

For Men

1.    Live longer
2.    Physically healthier
3.    Wealthier
4.    Increase in the stability of employment
5.    Higher wages

For Children

1.    More likely to attend college
2.    More likely to succeed academically/fewer behavioral problems in school
3.    Physically healthier
4.    Emotionally healthier
5.    Less likely to attempt or commit suicide


For Communities

1.    Higher rates of physically healthy citizens
2.    Higher rates of emotionally healthy citizens
3.    Higher rates of educated citizens
4.    Lower domestic violence rates
5.    Lower crime statistics

Marriage has benefits for children and adults that are not duplicated in any other relationship.  These benefits are rarely found in single-parent families, divorced families, or where couples are just living together.  These benefits are found when the man and woman go before their higher power, God and community, to commit to each other formally.

Sadly, child abuse is 50 times more likely in households with unmarried, cohabitating adults than for a child living with their biological parents.  Marriage also appears to promote better family functioning.  Marriage provides companionship and good sex for couples. 


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