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What We Do

Black Marriage Day started in 2003 in just 30 cities.  Essence Magazine wrote about its inception in 2002. Since then this national celebration has grown to over 300 communities across the country.  Join us March 27, 2022 as people just like you organize events to celebrate marriage in the Black community.


Black Marriage Day is one of the signature programs of the Wedded Bliss Foundation.  We work every day to help teens and adults create healthy relationships and healthy marriages to better the outcomes for children.  This is done with the help of many individuals, businesses, and other organizations who financially support our efforts.  The organization offers classes, professional training, and technical assistance.  Most services are done virtually now. 


WBF started in 2001 with the passion of founder and executive director Nisa Muhammad.  It has grown from just an idea to a non-profit serving families and community groups from coast to coast. ack Marriage Day

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What People Are Saying About BMD

“Learning how to love and appreciate your spouse in the manner they want is a process and takes work. However, it’s certainly worth it and makes for a very healthy and enjoyable relationship.”  

For Black Marriage Day, Charlotte couples share lessons in love and marriage.  QCity Metro

Marc and Carrie

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