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How to Get Media Attention

Getting media attention for your event is easy.  Social media is the best way to get attention. 

Create daily posts to advertise your events.  The sample press release can be modified to the

specifics of your event.  As you plan your events, keep the media in mind.  Host events that

include politicians, community leaders, youth, and happily married couples that the media can

use to personalize a story.

Send the press release to the major media and local media.  Be sure and include radio, TV, print, and cable.  The Black press in your area is an excellent resource to get your information into the news.  Use the Internet and search for Black Marriage Day to see articles that were done in newspapers all across the country.


Form a coalition of community leaders, pastors, and politicians, and others.  Use this group to exert pressure on media outlets to cover your event.  This same group can be used to help get the Wedded Bliss Foundation Public Service Announcements on the air.  Your group's contact information can be included at the end of the PSA so people in your community that see it can contact your group.

Set an appointment with the community affairs director of your local TV and Cable station.  They have a responsibility to air community service announcements.  Go to the meeting with members of your coalition and ask the community service director to have the station join you in strengthening marriages in your community.  

Don't take no for an answer.  Be ready and willing with local statistics to make a case for marriage.  Our goal is to reduce out-of-wedlock births, reduce divorce and strengthen marriage.  

Wedded Bliss Foundation, Inc. has marriage education experts who can be sources for your local media’s stories.   

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