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Black Marriage Day 2023: Count Your Marriage as Joy

Your Organization Name and Wedded Bliss Foundation, Inc., will present the Seventeenth Annual Black Marriage Day celebration, Sunday, March 26, 2023, with the theme “Count Your Marriage as Joy”

Your Organization Name will join activists in hundreds of cities nationwide to highlight the benefits of married life and offer celebrations to strengthen and promote marriage in [your city’s] Black community. [Explain what you will do during your Black Marriage Day 2023 event.]  

Wedded Bliss Foundation also encourages local Black Marriage Day sponsors nationwide to involve singles and youth in their Black Marriage Day events on Sunday, March 26, 2023, with workshops, conferences, marriage vow renewals, and more. 

 “Quote about Your Organization’s local Black Marriage Day 2022 event”, explained Your Organization’s Spokesperson [Title].  

"Marriage has always mattered to the Black community, and this celebration lets the world know. We're creating a cultural shift in the Black community to reconsider the benefits of marriage and show the many couples who understand, “Marriage Changes Things”, Wedded Bliss Foundation Executive Director Dr. Nisa Muhammad said.  “Much of what we hear about marriage in the Black community is a blues song about low rates, out-of-wedlock births, escalating divorces, and how somebody did somebody wrong.  We are replacing that blues song with a love song of joy.  We are Counting Our Marriages as Joy.”  

Black Marriage Day has been celebrated annually at locally sponsored events hosted by faith-based and community groups on the fourth Sunday of March since 2003.  Dr. Muhammad said marriage activists in more than 300 cities participated in 2022.


Wedded Bliss Foundation and Black Marriage Day activities have been featured nationally in the Washington Post, Black Enterprise, and Essence magazines, on CNN, and more.  


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